Little did they know, it was the shadow that made the sweet symphony.

Andrei Lim 2014
Here we are again, dancing with shadows.
Andrei Lim 2014
Love makes no sense so we never stop looking for it.

Andrei Lim 2014

Because you’re the moon among the fireworks.

Andrei Lim 2014
Sa pinakamadilim na kaibuituran,sisilip ang araw at pipikit ang buwan.Matutuyo ang binasa ng bagyo,at ang mga mirasol ay tatango.
Papalakpak ang pakpak ng mga ibon,uungol ang mga aso sa kabilang nayon.
Pagka’t sa pinakamadilim na gabi,wala ng mas sisikat pa sa umagang nakatabi.
- Andrei Lim 2014

- Andrei Lim 2014
And dancing with strangers was the most familiar thing that night.

Andrei Lim 2014
Irie Sunday 2-23-14
And your kiss was as warm as the tongue of the sun…

… and as you fade in the sunset, you’re the grey moon as wan.

- Andrei Lim 2014
Illusion Perpetua

You’re the raindrops on a sunny day.
You’re the sunlight on a gloomy way.
I’m certain there’s no other,
Everytime you come near, we go farther.

You take me up when I’m down.
You ground me when I’m high.
A labyrinth of feelings to wake me,
An illusion of yesterday with a sigh.

We were both left wondering.
But it was me who kept on wandering.
And I thought I was safe,
It was one of nature’s cruel jape.

I love you still.
I love you.
Your words to the other.

Are we or are we not born in a cradle of needles.

Andrei Lim 2013
Art by Jef Carnay
Drink me to soothe the pain.
Drink me for your future gain.
Nothing can stop you now.

Mr. Gold Tooth


I usually just shut out the world in cab rides, but today was a bit different. I rode one on the way to the office today, and its driver, clothed in gray long sleeves named Nico was pleasant enough to say “Good morning.” After turning one block he then asked me where I came from, and I said “Over…

Iba ang tulak ng mithiin.

Happy Birthday Armi!
Missing you is an understatement.